Veidne:Datora aparatūras infokaste

Dokumentācijas ikona Veidnes dokumentācija[skatīt] [labot] [hronoloģija] [pārlādēt]

This is for generic pieces of computer hardware that don't have more specific infoboxes, such as hard drives, motherboards, CD-ROMs etc. It should not be used for hardware such as CPUs that have their own specific infoboxes. External hardware should not use this box either.

{{ infobox computer hardware generic
| name         = Device Name
| image        = Image to show in the infobox.
| caption      = Caption for the image
| invent-date  = Date of Invention
| invent-name  = Name of Inventor
| conn1        = What the device connects to (range 1-3)
| via1_1       = Possible interface for connection (range 1-9)
| class-name   = Name of the subclassing method
| class1       = First value in subclassing (range 1-5)
| manuf1       = Common manufacturers of the device (range 1-5)
| designfirm   = Often, but not always, the same as manufacturer
| manufacturer = Common manufacturers of the device
| introduced   = Date of introduction
| discontinued = Date of discontinuation
| cost         = Introductory price
| type         = Type of hardware (extension card/sound card/graphics card...)
| processor    = Type of processor/pic/chip
| frequency    = Speed of the processor
| memory       = Built in memory, if any (KB/MB/GB)
| coprocessor  = Type of coprocessor
| connection   = Connection (PCI/PCI-E/USB....)
| ports        = Connections on the device, such as PATA, SCSI, SATA...
| power        = Power consumption (W/kWh)
| weight       = kilogram (kg)
| dimensions   = W*D*H (width, depth, and height. Normally in centimetre (cm))

All fields, except 'name', are optional

The numbered attributes mean that there is allowance for multiples. The via attributes range from via1_1 to via3_9 where the first number corresponds to the appropriate connection number and the second number is the position in that connections 'via' list. For each connection (via_1, via_2, or via_3), there can be up to 9 connectors, via#_1 through via#_9.