A Big Package for You

A Big Package for You ir kanādiešu poppanka grupas Simple Plan koncertieraksta albums, kas tika izdots 2003. gada 25. novembrī sadarbībā ar ierakstu kompāniju Lava Records.

A Big Package for You
A Big Package for You
Simple Plan koncertieraksta albums
Izdots 2003. gada 25. novembrī
Žanrs Roks
Izdevējs Lava

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DVD ("A Big Package for You")Labot

  • Meet Simple Plan
  • Recording "No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls"
  • Shooting the Album Cover
  • Making Our First Video
  • Going on Tour
  • Filming "I'd Do Anything"
  • Guten Tag from Europe
  • Hitting the Road Again
  • Behind the Scenes at the "Addicted" Video Shoot
  • Konichiwa from Japan!
  • Experimenting in Bangkok
  • SP Loves Going Down...Under: Australia 2002
  • Spring Break! SP Under the Sun!
  • Big Rock Show: SP Does Arenas
  • Return to the Land of the Rising Sun
  • The "Perfect" Video
  • Punk Rock Summer Camp: Warped Tour '03
  • Looking Back...

CD ("A Small Package for You")Labot

  1. Crash and Burn
  2. One Day (Live)
  3. I'd Do Anything (Live)

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